Hi! I'm Holly!

Nice to meet you! I am a photographer located in Warwick in South East Queensland. My partner and I live on a family farm, and both run our own business. Our days are always busy filled with business admin and farm work (me more the admin and him more the farm work LOL). 

We have two dogs that we love dearly. I am a major Swiftie, tea lover and photo lover. Which works so well because that makes me so in love with my job! My love for photography first started when my mum got a DSLR camera when I was a kid. I would always steal her camera and convince my friends to do photoshoots. That love never went away, and when I met my partner and moved to his family farm, he noticed me always taking pictures on my phone of the cows and landscape. He encouraged me to get a camera one year, so I did for Christmas, and here we are! My love for photography has snowballed into a business, and I am just so excited to be here.

You can trust that I am passionate about my work, and so excited at any opportunity that comes my way. My goal for every photo shoot is to always create your vision, and make sure you have the best experience! I am all about creating fun photoshoots where everyone feels comfortable. One day that can look like encouraging a bridal party to have "1 more drink!!", but another day it looks like stocking my car full of bubbles and stickers to bring to a family session! I love capturing people, wherever you are in your life.



Capturing your love story is a dream come true!

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please don't hesitate to reach out, even if you just have some initial enquiries! I am always happy to answer any question.

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